All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

So apparently I’m reading Erica & Matt’s reviews out of order, but YOU definitely want to read this one!

People always ask me who my favorite author is (or they used to).  I was reading a lot of romance at the time, so I always said Kristen Ashley, but then I would add “and Colleen Hoover is my favorite author of life”.  And she is.  Each book she writes is so real and relatable.  Every time she announces a new book to be released, I preorder the paperback because I know I’ll want it on my bookshelf forever.

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The Idea of You by Robinne Lee

This book is a must read!

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She said:

There are a lot of fears and doubts that come with being loved. Am I good enough as I am? What about me makes that person love me? Are they in love with me or just the idea of me? These are some of the questions that are subtly asked and answered in Robinne Lee’s The Idea of You. This book revolves around the romantic relationship between a thirty-nine-and-a-half-year-old woman and a younger man. They bring to the table different life experiences, different perspectives, different responsibilities. But the question remains, do all these differences amount to anything significant? Do they really matter in the grand scheme of things?

The Idea of You touches on many themes, including ageism, sexism, feminism, maternalism—all effectively presented but not preached. There really is something for everyone. Which is why I had Matt read the book. This book is told completely from…

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Well this isn’t going well…


Ok, well I obviously suck at blogging.  I went into this with good intentions (I swear!), but I’m just failing.  First of all, I want it to be perfect, therefore I’m not doing it at all until I know it can be perfect.  Second, I’m not a writer (those poems in high school don’t count).  These two reasons, hand in hand, are crippling me from doing this.  Not to mention the criticism and comments when you post on your blog.  UGH!!!!!
I need a new strategy.  Maybe I should start small…write a review after I finish a book, rather than just rating it.   Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do.  Sorry for wasting your time, but stay tuned.  I never give up!!!  And check out my page Get Your Read On where I share news and contests from authors and bloggers. I promise I’m doing better there.  THANKS!!!


My two favorite things about RT happen to be people.

Love this!!!

Colleen Hoover

I’ve been reflecting on my week at RT, and I feel like I learned a lot about myself and my peers. I made a lot of new friends, caught up with a lot of old friends and even put myself out there more than I usually do. Because believe it or not, I’m pretty damn shy around people I don’t know.
Writers have this weird life where we are forced to hide away in our caves and interact with imaginary people. So when we finally get to spend a week with our peers, being around others who understand our crazy jobs creates a wonderful sense of camaraderie. Not much can beat that.
I’d like to talk about my two favorite things about RT. Or actually, two favorite people. These two women kind of blew me away this weekend.
One of them goes without saying. The magnificent EL James. As you’ve…

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50-Shades-Trilogy1 By now you’ve read the books, seen the movie (maybe), read the reviews, etc.  Here’s my opinion…one of many out there.


I didn’t love it.  Shocking, I know, but I didn’t.  There were many good parts.  It’s just that something was…not quite right.  And that troubles me because when I read these books 3 years ago, I LOVED them.  So much so, that I read them more than once and I’ve never done that with a book.  EVER.  Except maybe To Kill A Mockingbird.  And honestly I’ve only read that book 3 times over the past 20+ years.  The Fifty Shades trilogy opened me up to a whole new genre (or two) in the reading world.  I had never read romance and definitely not erotica.  It was pretty much John Grisham books for me up until then.  I stopped watching TV altogether and read 64 books between May and December of 2012.  That’s more than I had read in 20 years!  The next year, I tripled that, discovering quite a few books were better written than Fifty Shades of Grey, and there were some really talented writers out there. I followed authors, joined book groups and discussions, and made some pretty amazing book friends.  Reading became my life. I was obsessed.  So I was more than ready for this movie. FIFTY SHADES MOVIE I’ll admit I was disappointed when Charlie Hunnam backed out of the movie.  Although he wasn’t my first choice for Christian Grey, I was very excited.  I thought he would’ve been amazing.  He has it…that thing.  Where he walks into a room and you can’t help but gasp at his sexiness? *sigh* Yeah.  I didn’t get that with Jamie Dornan.  Not at first.  I’m not saying he’s unattractive (the guy was a Calvin Klein model after all).  I don’t know…he just didn’t look like Christian Grey to me.  And I purposely didn’t watch Once Upon A Time or The Fall so I could go into the movie with him only as Christian in my mind.  He played the part perfectly.  Moody, controlling, fifty shades of fucked up.  Although some of those catchphrases we’ve all been quoting for the past couple of years made me cringe.  YIKES!  But Jamie Dornan is Christian Grey.  Note:  I wish CG had a beard because Jamie totally rocks it. jamie beard 2Now the best part of my review.  Dakota Johnson.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with her.  I’d only seen her in Social Network as a cute coed Justin Timberlake’s character has a one-night stand with.  I LOVED HER!!!  She is the star of this movie.  Absolutely 100% Anastasia Steele. Innocent, funny, adorable.  And she showed great emotion in that “after” scene.  She really brought Ana to life.  She took a huge chance playing this role and she did it brilliantly.  I believe she will go on and do great things and be the next “it girl” in Hollywood. dakotaOk so why didn’t I love it?  Well I think they tried to stay as close to the book as possible that they didn’t leave a lot of room to explain the attraction between Christian and Ana.  I think people who didn’t read the book will be lost to why Ana so willingly accepts what Christian offers.  Although the “inner goddess” was annoying at times in the book, she explained a lot of what Ana was thinking.  And that doesn’t translate to the screen.  But what do I know?  I’ve only read the book a dozen times and am a bit too critical of these details.  Plus I didn’t fall in love with Christian until Fifty Shades Darker.  And my choice for Christian Grey was Henry Cavill.  Please take a moment to appreciate the hotness.  #beards *big sigh* HC JD I imagine this is what Twihards felt when Twilight was released or all those Harry Potter films (both fandoms I didn’t experience).  I may not be rushing out to the theaters to watch it again like I did Man Of Steel, but it was certainly better than Magic Mike.  And I’ll definitely buy the DVD.  I wonder if they’ll release a “naughty” version with deleted scenes???  And rumor has it sometime next year, we’ll get the movie version of my favorite book in the trilogy.  Until then, I’m off to discover The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.  Laters! ana christian